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Needlework, textile and fiber art by Carolyn Manning.

Playing with string since 1999.
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  • Introducing Spooky! The newest kitty cat and his friends in the Whiskerkins Collection. Finishes at 69w x 87h. I stitched my model on, and am recommending the 14ct. hand dyed jobelan aida, stormy grey, from Wichelt Imports. A black button will be included with the pattern, and will vary from chart to chart as I will, as I usually do, be using buttons I have harvested and recycled from here and there! Look for Spooky and his pals at your local needlework shop very soon and also on my website.

    Monday After-The-Holiday Madness

    Lots and lots going on here today! Working through the home stretch of Blue, and hope to have a few images to share later.  I am also working on the little flowers for Bloom, hoping to get ahead for the orders I know are coming.  I have several new items up on Ebay (crossstcher). Trims and flowers, a few granny squares. It was a productive weekend once my internet was restored. Lucky me— router fried late late on Thursday night, and I was thinking I would be without my net over the long weekend, but the provider was actually working on the 4th and I got the last appointment that day, and they set me up with a shiny new system. Long overdue, apparently, as they no longer have the router I was using! Yay me! 

    Amel has been hanging out with me all day while I’ve been printing. He’s getting quite restless, I think. Keeps looking at me funny. Might be the that I’ve been up to my eyeballs in cotton these days instead of wool! 

    When I was young, we lived on a sheep farm. We had two bucks, Jasper (beautiful Suffolk) and Amel, a New Hampshire. Amel was always a bit on the ornery side. I remember him waiting (seriously, when I was 10, that is what it seemed like!) for me to come into the pen with the feed bucket, and he would put his head down and charge. I’d end up in the feed trough, standing there and screaming for my dad. 

    I found two figurines some years ago that reminded me of those two. They sit now on my art desk in the studio. Ever watchful, like Amel is right now.

    The flowers are all ready to go!  The Blossom pattern will be making its way to Hoffman Distributing Company on Monday, and then to independent needlework shops from there. Also available on my website.

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